2019 Pair Of Aces Stables Events Calendar



Mar. 16th – Melissa Kalember Clinic at POAS

Mar. 23-24th – Diane Carney Clinic at Franktown Meadows


Apr. 3-7th – Brookside Premier, Elk Grove Ca

Apr. 13-14th – Daniel Stewart Clinic at POAS

Apr. 27-28th – SNC-CDS at Franktown Meadows


May 11th – Woodland Stallion Station Horse Trials, Woodland, Ca

May 17-19th – Liz ‘s Fundamentals Clinic in West Virginia

May 18th – SNHSA Show at Brownlee Equestrian (Chanlee to coach)

May 23-26th – Memorial Day Classic, Rancho Murieta, Ca


Jun. 8-9th – SNC-CDS at Franktown Meadows

Jun. 15th – SNHSA show at Brownlee Equestrian

Jun. 16th – Woodland Stallion State Horse Trials, Woodland, Ca

Jun. 22-23rd – Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby

Jun. 28-30th – SNHSA NNCCF Show at Meadowview Farms


Jul. 4-7th – Twin Rivers Summer Horse Trials

Jul. 17-21st – USHJA High Desert Classic Week 1, Bend, OR

Jul. 20-21st – SNC-CDS at Franktown Meadows


Aug. 3rd – SNHSA Show at Meadowview Farms

Aug. 9-11th – The Summer Event at Woodside, Palo Alto, Ca

Aug. 10th – SNHSA Show at Meadowview Farms

Aug. 15-18th – Wine Country Classic at Brookside, Elk Grove, Ca

Aug. 24-25th – SNHSA Jumper Benefit Show and Challenge Cup at Brownlee Equestrian

Aug. 31st – SNHSA Show at Franktown Meadows


Sept. 7-8th – SNHSA Hunter and Equitation Benefit Show and Medal Finals at Franktown Meadows

Sept. 11-15th – Strides and Tides, Sonoma Horse Park, Sonoma Ca

**Sept. 19-22nd – CDS Championships, Rancho Murieta, Ca


Oct. 3-6th – Woodside International Horse Trials, Palo Alto, Ca

Oct. 12th – SNHSA Show at Franktown Meadows

Oct. 19-20th – SNHSA Shows at Ironwood Events Center (2 venues)

Oct. 23-27th – Lets Show Halloween, Rancho Murieta, Ca


**Nov. 12-17th – USHJA National Championships, Las Vegas Ca


Dec. 6-8th – Bernie Traurig Clinic at Meadowview Farms


** Riders must qualify for these events in order to attend