Pair of Aces Stables is located in South Reno at 2150 Greentree Rd.

Facilities and Amenities

Our location is easily accessible and centrally located in the South Reno area off of Greentree Ln. We have a wide variety of amenities, including a fully enclosed large indoor arena, a beautiful outdoor arena, a heated fully equipped lounge with viewing windows into the indoor arena and so much more. The horses are housed in either box stalls with attached, covered runs, or in box stalls with pipe panel turnouts so that they can enjoy the outdoors all day whenever weather permits. All stalls and all-day turnouts are equipped with automatic waterers, and all horses have access to high quality grass hay 24/7 via a slow-grazer style feeder. Boarding rates start at $625/horse. All boarded horses are required to be in, at minimum, a Partial Training Program. Please see our Rates page for additional information.