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“I have two 9 year olds that have been taking riding lessons from Liz for about 6 months and, during this time, I’ve come to realize and appreciate how important a great teacher is in this sport. I also thank my many lucky stars that we found such a fantastic teacher on our first try. Liz has proven herself to be a patient, thorough and conscientious teacher with great communication skills. My children have different personalities and learning styles and Liz was very quick to identify their needs and adapt her teaching style for each child so that they can get the most out of their lessons. She is also very careful to build a good technical base before moving on to the next skill so that the kids will ultimately become the best riders that they can be (and hopefully reduce any potential for injury!). This can, of course, be tedious but the kids are learning that horses are all about delayed gratification, not immediate, and that’s a great lesson at any age.

Liz’s knowledge of all things horses is incredible and the horses at Pair of Aces Stables are clearly well loved and cared for. She has created a warm and welcoming environment for all and she is always happy to answer my many questions. I have loved seeing the positive impact Liz (and Sam the WonderHorse!) have had on my kids’ lives and look forward to seeing what the future has in store!”
-Kirsten Kos


I came to you 3 years ago, naïve and inexperienced. Well, we have met many challenges together. You were there to help me up when I fell off my “problem horse” and to face and conquer my fears afterwards, not to mention teaching me how to handle her and develop such a good seat that it never happened again.  You were there to offer a sympathetic shoulder and dry my tears when my mare died and the first to recognize my gelding’s gate was slightly off when he tore his meniscus. From your experience, I have learned to do wound care, bandaging and give shots to our 1000 plus pound friends.  You rode next to me and gave me confidence on my first endurance race, even though you weren’t feeling well.  Through your insight, I was able to find and develop my passion for dressage.  You are a constant resource and wealth of information regarding tack and where best to make purchases.  You have encouraged, and yes, pushed me to do things you knew I could do even though I didn’t.  I now ride with confidence. You are my trainer, my teacher, sometimes my psychologist and always my friend.  Thank you.”
– Carrie


“My daughter, Erin, has been riding and taking lessons since she was 5 years old and is now 13. She has trained at several local facilities with three different trainers but none have been as professional, patient and fun as Liz Gioja at Pair of Aces Stables. Liz has a rare maturity not often found in a young trainer and she can really connect with each person regardless of age, riding discipline or level of experience. Her depth and breath of knowledge are extensive but she is always looking for new ways to grow and learn. When we were ready to purchase our first horse last year, Liz was instrumental in finding the right match, helping us negotiate the transaction, and getting us up to speed on our horse’s needs. We never could have survived that scary first year of horse ownership without Liz at Pair of Aces.”
-Laure Pomianowski


Accomplishments are sometimes never measured by bits and pieces; only by bounds and leaps, well, accomplishments are all that we have conquered in the last year of training! Whether it be done piece by piece, or by bounds and leaps, you have helped us achieve our goals, because we have accomplished more than ever dreamed of! Thank you Liz for showing us the way! Sienna and I are a whole new team thanks to your upbeat attitude, never ending encouragement and whole-hearted training! We have become a great team! I am forever in debt to your new ideas and techniques to get through to both horse and rider on how to maintain momentum and complete a winning round! We (Sienna and I) adore you! You are always there to give a word of advice, raise your voice when needed, hand out a treat and overall help us to become the best team that we can be. You have helped both of us to gain enough confidence to excel in the exciting sport of jumping and continue with our dreams of becoming the best that we can at it! Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement!”
-Cynthia and Sienna