Training with Pair of Aces Stables

Pair of Aces Stables is currently accepting new clients for training, as well a lessons. We specialize in Jumpers, and are well known for our work with green and young horses. While we compete primarily in the English disipline we also accept western horses for training. We believe that good basics transcend disciplines, and all of our horses are worked with that in mind. Our training focuses on creating a responsive, calm and supple horse that is happy in their chosen job. We do not believe in using shortcuts or rough training techniques to force a horse into performing, instead we focus on the basics and create a horse with the physical and mental ability to excel. We also place a strong emphasis on equine nutrition. We have samples of our hay tested regularly to ensure that we know exactly what our horses are getting nutritionally. Not just sugar and protien contents, but trace minerals and vitamins as well. Each horse’s diet is balanced around what that specific horse needs-from the hay type and quantity, to the extra suppliments, grains, calories and nutrients. We have all levels of horses in training with us, from high level jumpers, to endurance horses, pleasure/trail horses and broodmares and youngstock. We use the NRC requirments as our guideline. One thing we recommend to almost all of our clients is a suppliment called California Trace-Liz has been feeding it to her own horses for many years, and over the past few years realized the differnce it could make for the hard-working performance horses. It provides the trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids that horses don’t naturally get enough of, without any extra un-needed or unhealthy additives. All of our horses on the minerals have phenominal hoof quality and coats that absolutly shine-no show sheen needed! For more information on the horses we accept, our training techniques, or our competitive prices and references please contact us directly.

The trainer at Pair of Aces Stables is Liz Gioja. She has been working with horses for over 25 years, and has been training professionally for 12. As a junior she trained in Germany for three years, by the age of 14 she had completed her Small, Bronze and Silver Reiterabzeichen tests, was competing at Level A dressage and Level L jumping, and was training over courses of 5’+ in height . After returning to America she continued her success here on the A-circuit competing at levels up to small grand prix’s, before taking a short break from serious competition for college. She is now leasing a facility in South Reno, and has students competing successfully at the USEF rated shows, at Spruce Meadows and on the local Sierra Nevada Horse Show Association circuit.