Training with Pair of Aces Stables

Pair of Aces Stables currently has limited openings for new clients.

Horses boarded with us are enrolled in our fully customized training program, designed to help each horse and rider combination achieve their goals. 

Our training focuses on creating a responsive, calm and supple horse that is happy in their chosen job. We do not believe in using shortcuts or rough training techniques to force a horse into performing, instead we focus on the basics and create a horse with the physical and mental ability to excel. For more information on our training programs please see our Rates page or contact us directly.

The head trainer at Pair of Aces Stables is Liz Reader. A USDF Bronze Medalist and lifelong rider, she spent 3 years years developing a strong riding foundation in Germany, before returning to the US and finding success on the A-circuit competing at levels up to regional level Grand Prix’s.

With many wins in the Jumper, Hunter and Dressage ring, as well as earning her USDF Bronze Medal in 2017, she has a strong working knowledge of the correct training and instruction for both horse and rider. A firm believer in the importance of correct, connected flatwork she consistently creates horses and riders that win at all levels of competitions, from the local SNHSA Circuit to Spruce Meadows.

The assistant trainer at Pair of Aces Stables is Chanlee Harvey. Chanlee has been a student in Liz’s program since 2008, and as such brings the same training philosophies and ideals with her to work every day. She has seen a lot of success in the show arena, and the horses all appreciate her kind and skilled riding. Chanlee also has a wonderful and natural way of connecting with our younger riders.